Welcome to The Essential Man Tribe

Who are we?

WE are a collective of men that are dedicated to bringing our highest selves forward.

This community, by design is here to support, challenge, and keep you accountable to discover and live into your life's deepest purpose and tap into your passion for being alive. 

We are here to help you to create the optimal conditions for you to stand as a man of integrity and value, in all your relationships from your livelihood to your most intimate.

In order for that growth to happen you need to show up, 

you need to commit, 

you need to do the work,

you need to stretch yourself.

And you need to remember... that this is not just about you. 

As a purpose-driven man, 

your first step is to adopt a service-driven mindset. 

The men that will get the most value from this experience, 

those that will have exponential growth here, are those that are choosing to serve something larger than themselves.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

Here's what comes with being a member of the Tribe:

  • Zoom Virtual Mastermind calls 2X a month with me.

  • Monthly Zoom calls with special guest mentors, who are subject matter experts in the essential areas of men's mastery — money, sex, physical mental & emotional wellness, spirituality, parenting, and more. Let’s double your income, turn your bedroom into a dojo, and make sure you’re thriving as a man.\

  • Monthly in house challenges for you to push your limits, create camaraderie with other men and flex your competitive muscle. Men love challenges, let’s use them to build lives other men only dream of.

  • Our private social network. where you can get your questions answered from me and other men on the path. This is a place to talk about your challenges, share your wins, and congregate with the other Tribe-members.

  • Discounts on courses, VIP access at workshops, and other events. You are my world wide team of warriors and I want you to benefit 10x from the price of admission to this group.

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